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" One of the most promising young talents in the endangered fields of pure-hearted, undercurrent Rock & Roll “
 Digital In Berlin

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Neta Polturak is a Musician, Lyricist, Sound designer, Film composer, Cinematique friend and Performer.

Undoubtedly one of the most promising young talents to emerge out of the eclectic underground scene of  Tel Aviv,  Polturak's  tunes  are  both   atmospheric, and  immensely  powerful.  Powered  by  Polturak's  charismatic  and  androgynous stage   presence, the  music  shines a glimpse of an inner  world  rebellion through emotional deconstruction of  denials and false truths projected by western capital media.

Since 2015 Berlin based Polturak started embarking on several independent EU - tours, and played over 100 shows and Festivals. Both her intense solo performances, and skilfully transformative 3 piece formed bands, captured the imaginations of audiences, musicians, promoters, venue holders and critics alike, charismatically awakening the music scenes of cities they visit and reside in. 

In 2018 Polturak formed the minimal group "Moon Gear" with Eilon Elikam and was later joined by Eleni Poulou.

Their EP „ Moon Gear “ (2019)  and bandshows have coincidentally,  and almost single handedly, elevated the Post - Kraut Dream-Punk scene of Berlin.

 In the years that followed talks and hisses of Polturak’s originality have grown to pass from mouth to ear until the young musician was invited to play in the city’s most prominent venues & festivals ; (HAU1 Theatre , Kesselhaus, Kantine am Berghain, Herrfurth Church, Fusion Festival ,Synästhesie Festival …|) while collaborating with its mythological members in the likes of “ The Fall” , “Faust”, “Einstürzende Neubauten” | Polturak was curated in a show night by "Molly Nilsson" and invited to support for the more singular side of popular modern artists such as for “Cate Le Bon” - All whilst being methodically and rebelliously somewhat detached from acts of social self promotion.

In 2023 Polturak released her anticipated solo debut - The cinematic soaked illusory of
„Every Magic Has Its Cost “(2023). The album was recorded in a trio band constellation, keeping the primal energy encompassed in the songs. Written by  the  poetic  writer  since  teenage- hood the album marks a turnstile beacon, ​allowing Polturak’s puzzling storytelling to unfold; shining playfully and abiding under the strict regime of open hearted, self-circused Rock’n'roll.

As a composer for film Polturak scored the soundtrack for the short animation film "Limbo of Innocence" (2018) by Michal Ben Porat. 

In 2023 Polturak contributed her voice for the multi-award winning Documentary Film "If You Let Me Go" (2023) and became the narrator of the personal diaries for one of her early musical heroes, the late Israeli Cult figure Inbal Perlmutter. The complex intimate role has won her raving cross cultural reviews.

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