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“ The androgynous musician was relentlessly supported by most prominent musicians, promoters, venue-holders and diverse audiences of the mid-European city " “ Every Magic Has Its Cost...released In a magnetic live-concert, given by undoubtedly of the most fascinating performers this town has seen since the days the wall stood tall upon Berlin. The release will expose musical pieces composed, written and arranged by Polturak over the span of 14 years. Hopefully such releasing event will be the first chance of many to come for us to garner a look inside the mythical craft of one of the most promising young talents in the endangered fields of pure-hearted, undercurrent Rock & Roll “

Digital In Berlin Magazine. Michael Rosen

“musicians that play with the totality of their body, as if music meets them at their most primal essence, are probably those i love the most. and Neta Polturak is certainly one. Neta is a Poet, she has a wondrous ability to bring out emotions out of the strings of her guitar. to listen to her music is to know her and its a privilege full of secrets. when I listen to her music i feel myself in a tropical, stormy, snowy world of love.
I more than recommend to listen to her and if possible to witness her live, even better”

Ryskinder, Musician recommending - Time Out Magazine.

“ Talks and hisses of Polturak's performative and songwriting originality grew consistently to pass from mouth to ear until she was found personally invited to play in the city's most prominent venues (HAU1, Kesselhaus, Kantine am Berghain, Herrfurth Kirche etc.) while collaborating with members in the likes of “The Fall”, “Faust”,“Einstürzende Neubauten” and support the more singular side of modern artists such as for “Cate Le Bon”.
Synästhesie Festival 2023, Berlin

“ Neta Polturak belongs to a rare species of musicians”
Time Out Magazine, Israel

“ The Buzz tonight orbits around the 23 year old Neta Polturak, her songs            are sublime, her charisma incomparable ! "
A day in a year, Musical blog in Berlin

“ A guitar Wizard ”
Its Psychedelic Baby Magazine

“ Neta Polturak is probably P.J Harvey’s lost daughter, such Rock & Roll with style
and conquering adrenalin, As if fell from a time machine to the good old days of the nineties. “

Michael Ginzburg, Israeli Music Journalist

“ That was the best live show that I have ever seen yesterday! Moon Gear performed (their release show) at ACUD before a full house, played minimal post-punk to the point ! "
Ran Huber, award winning Berlin promoter, amSTARt

“ Polturak’s lyrics, half spoken/half sung are poetic in a way that evoke how thoughts may make sense when dreaming, yet seem surreal once awake; caught somewhere in a waking dream haze(...)Despite a plethora of audible influences, Moon Gear may have very well found the recipe to cook up something considerably new, fresh and dare I say it, original. “

Crafted Sounds, Lafayette Vanderkin-Jus

Neta Polturak in 'Time Out' magazine, Tel Aviv .jpg
Neta Polturak - Commercial in the U Bahn
synästhesie- needle drop -neta polturak.jpg

“ Undoubtedly one of the most promising young talents to grow out of the eclectic & creative music scene of Tel Aviv,

Neta Polturak manages to almost single- handedly impact and inspire the independent music scenes of the cities she resides in “

“ Polturak’s tunes are both atmospheric, and immensely powerful. supported by a mesmerizing, androgynous stage presence ”
Patrick McCumiskey

Polturak’s Contribution in Film :

“ “If It's Over" has some correct editing choices, such as the assignment of Neta Polturak, who has a similar voice to Perlmutter's, on the narration of the excerpts from the diaries “
Ynet magazine, Israel

“ Unlike films that preserve the admiration for a rock-star, and present his early death as a cool continuation of his disturbed talent - there is no romanticisation of madness or difficulty in this naked film. vice versa, It sadly dismantles the image of Inbal (Perlmutter) ... who died far too soon, Through the extensive use of her illustrated diaries, which reveal and hide, through a chilling narration by Neta Polturak, who sounds exactly like Inbal herself, and through a multitude of hesitant interviewees who are only heard in their voices - the film resolutely breaks down Inbal's character, from her childhood in Rehovot to the bitter end, which remains still a mystery.”
Off-Screen Magazine

“ From an artistic point of view, precisely cast for the narration was the musician Neta Polturak, whose authentic voice, through the correct rhythm, changing tones and pauses, clearly compares to Perlmutter's voice. The voice acting is a masterful acting exercise, without seeing the actress. It is this narration that creates a structure of an inner world, confession and memory, which attract us to continue listening, watching and observing. “
Portfolio magazine - Merlyn Venig - honored film critic

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