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Neta Polturak's pre-release concert at Kesselhaus Berlin. from the upcoming debut "Every Magic Has Its Cost" with Uno Bruniusson on Drums & Tamir Chen on Bass. Video By Berta Berlin

Neta Polturak - American Horror Documentary & Live By

Moon Gear's Album Cover _edited.jpg

Neta Polturak's Side project and first release together with Eilon Elikam  offered a playful experimentation with minimal pop.  The album was Recorded in Polturak's home studio Into an old Tascam 4-Track cassette recorder, and Released on January 2019 in Berlin through the independant Baby Satan Records. Polturak formed for this occasion a dreamy live band, with friend Eleni Poulou ("The Fall") on Bass and Sophie Labrey ("The Undertones") on Drums.   The band changed players and played rare live shows in Berlin, Moon Gear came to life

Moon Gear perform Apple Snake at HAU 1 Theatre, Berlin 2020

Moon Gear perform Polturak's Jane (Kiss of Shame) at HAU 1 Theatre, Berlin 2020

S o u n d t r a c k s

Michal Ben Porat's "Limbo Of Innocence" short animation film . Original Score by Neta Polturak

D e m o s

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